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In Spring 2019, Amanda McAndrew and Caroline Sinkinson hosted a faulty interest group designed to explore the potential of Buffscreate to inspire a renewed approach to collaborative, social, and open pedagogical practices. 

BuffsCreate is a pilot initiative in the College of A&S  at CU Boulder and sponsored by ASSETT and the University Libraries. The pilot program provides web hosting for student subdomains where they may experiment with a number of open applications to begin crafting a digital identity.

In other words, BuffsCreate gives learners the opportunity to take responsibility for a digital space where they can have a voice and presence all their own. Through reflection and self expression, learners will practice essential digital and information  literacies while experimenting with web applications and web authoring tools. This initiative calls on us to critically consider the digital spaces we inhabit, the digital identities we construct, and the information we create and share.

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