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Claim Your Domain


To get to know your reclaim account and the domain that you’ve established. You’ll be introduced to the main power behind your domain, the cPanel. And finally, you’ll practice creating a subdomain and installing the WordPress application. 

Core questions:

  • What is the cPanel?
  • What are applications?
  • What are domains and subdomains?
  • What is the installatron?
  • What are the basics of wordpress?

Personal questions and reflections:

  • What applications intrigue me as an individual?
  • What applications intrigue me as a teacher?

Essential knowledge

You’ve created an account with Congratulations! Let’s find the possibilities open to you now.

Getting to know cPanel

The cPanel is the power behind your possibility space. There are numerous nobs and capabilities. Many users will not use most of these– but they indicate the degree of power you and your learners may choose to wield. In essence, your cPanel is your control panel to easily access and manage the files and applications of your account.

To get to your cPanel, go directly to and sign-in, if you haven’t already!

cPanel Screenshot

Let’s explore a few elements of the cPanel.


cPanel section for Application installations
BuffsCreate has four featured applications listed, but there are many, many more that can be utilized. Click on All Applications to see more possibilities! 

Hint: Use My Apps to get to all of your installed applications.


cPanel section for Domain management tools
The Domains section of cPanel allows you to manage your addon domains, subdomains, aliases, and redirected domains.


cPanel section for File management tools
Your File Manager & Images allows you to manage all files and images connected to your account, including renaming, uploading, and deleting them.

Learn more about setting up FTP and backups.


cPanel section for Security tools
cPanel has an entire security section devoted to protecting different parts of customer web sites from the unauthorized access of their viewers. Of interest to you may be the SSL options.

Learn more about SSL to secure your website.

You can choose to spend a lot of time exploring in here. OR once you’ve installed an application, you can work directly from there. Learn much more about cPanel.

Activity: Create a sub-domain

As you may recall, we’ve talked about creating your possibility space and metaphors for thinking about that notion. These possibilities include creating sub-domains or rooms within your digital home. Let’s practice.

  1. Go to your cPanel.
  2. From the right-hand menu choose subdomains.
  3. Enter the name of your sub-domain. Perhaps blog.
  4. Choose create.

Support document: Subdomains


WordPress powers approximately 30% of the web. It is a powerful database driven CMS often used for blog creation.


Activity: Install WordPress

  • Go to your cPanel.
  • Under applications, choose WordPress.
    Select install.
  • Choose the domain (
  • Leave directory empty.
  • Edit title and tagline.
  • Install.

WordPress Quick Overview Settings

Today we will begin with the structure and settings of WordPress. We’ll talk more about appearance and aesthetics (i.e. themes) later. If we continue with the possibility space metaphor, we are building the foundation of our structure or tilling the land for a garden yet to be planted.

Login directly at your blog url/admin or return to your dashboard, view my applications, select the admin link.

cPanel WordPress Login
Wordpress Dashboard

Activity: Adjust Settings

First, we’ll set a few essential general settings:

Timezone & Site title and tagline

Next, if you do not want search engines to visit and index your site:

Reading settings > Toggle ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’

Finally, under permalinks you can set your default link naming (Post name recommended.)

Activity: Create a blog post

Next we’ll practice creating a blog post and a few key content types.

For tips on using and locating openly licensed images visit:

More resources

WordPress Glossary WordPress 5 Video (CU Login)


WordPress Support

cPanel Basics

Preparation for next session

Find websites you are fond of and identify the core elements. View wordpress elements and site feature worksheet or make a copy.


Creative Beasts with Crayons

Chris Long Video

“The real power of Domain of One’s Own is when we recognize that the naming and building and breaking and fixing are all symbols of something greater, something more powerful and more binding than just practical activity.”

Exercises inspired by Alan Levine’s Adjust a Few Settings, licensed under CC BY SA.

Header Image Attribution: Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash used under the Unsplash License.