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Tiny Teaching Tools


To demonstrate a few other options for using in your courses. To allow more time for play, experimentation, and plans for next steps.

Core questions:

  • What are the technical capabilities of wordpress?
  • What other applications are available and promising?
  • How might your domain become a pedagogical tool for authentic student assignments and contributions?

Personal questions and reflections:

  • What tools might I explore?
  • How do these platforms map to existing practices in my classes?

Essential knowledge

The cPanel offers a number of applications that might extend teaching and learning in your classrooms. We’ll highlight a few easy to install and customize options, but we encourage you to think creatively about other options. We’d like to hear more what you are thinking and are doing. We hope to create use cases and success stories to share with the buffscreate community.


“TRU Collector is a site that allows collections of items (termed “collectables”) where contributions can be made without any logins. This is done by using a generic author account that is silently activated. The user never sees any sign of the innards of WordPress but can create posts for each collectable.” Tru Collector Documentation

Classroom applications:

  • Participant or community introductions
  • Curated collection of relevant resources
  • Collection of student short essays or multimodal projects
  • Commonplace book of disciplinary terms
  • Collection of shared tools



“TRU Writer a site that allows people to publish their writing, including rich media content, without needing to login or understand the backend of WordPress. Once installed the TRU Writer theme allows individuals to generate content online using an rich text editor interface. Writers can also add content by cutting and then pasting into the editor from word-processing software such as MS Word or Google Docs, carrying forward most structural formatting (here’s an example of a post created by using the copy/paste function (cmd/ctrl + V) from a Word document. ” Tru Writer Documentation


Course Site Templates

We’d like to develop some course site, blog, portfolio templates to make available in the applications installation tool. What would you like to see?



More resources

TruCollector Support and Documentation

TruWriter Support and Documentation

WordPress Themes

WordPress Menus

“Fascinating and important innovations would emerge as students are able to shape their own cognition, learning, expression, and reflection in a digital age, in a digital medium. Students would frame, curate, share, and direct their own “engagement streams” throughout the learning environment.”

Header Image Attribution: Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash used under the Unsplash License.