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Dimension Calling Card

Would you like to create a doorway to your domain? Create a sort of digital business card that points your audience to various dimensions of your digital presence, for example: a blog, a course page, professional site and more.

See some examples:

Steps for installing on buffscreate:

Github Documentation

Entry to Your Domain

Create subdomain

Activity: Install & Customize Dimension

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Search Subdomain
  • Create subdomain titled me
  • Return to cPanel home
  • Go to All Applications
  • Search Dimension
  • Click install this application
  • Choose subdomain
  • Remove directory name
  • Edit title and tagline
  • Install

Activity: Customize Entryway

Now consider what you’d like to point to from your entry way. More Dimensions Help & Customization´╗┐

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